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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi folks, just thought I'd start a fresh thread, as this bucking method may have value.

I have found that when the partnered coil wire ends, at the center, are connected and the outside wire ends connected, for a parallel wiring configuration, a reduction of input occurs when loaded with the 6 watt non-modified led bulb.
Unloaded self oscillator input is 3.5 volts @ .7 amps or 2.45 watts.
When partnered secondary coils are loaded with led bulb, input is .52 amps or 1.82 watts, with nice light output.
With a 220 nanofarad non-polarized capacitor is shunted directly across secondary coil output, input is then .4 amps or 1.4 watts.

Here is the inverter powering a 6 watt non-modified led bulb.

This pic shows the parallel wiring configuration of the 30awg. secondary partnered output coils.

I'll post a schematic of this setup when i get time.
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looking at the wires in your picture it is pretty clear that none of the wires Are attached to the coil are hooked to the light. so what were you using the light for in the picture. I would like to thank the light is being powered by the coil but I do not see any wires connected to it so why is it there. I must be not seeing something.
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