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Kunstler 2015 projections

James Howard Kunstler has long been a gloom-and-doomer. He sells lots of books. His central point is peak-oil. He says that we will never run out of oil, we just won't be able to afford it. Energy is the master resource. When the price of energy goes up, there is less money to buy other things. The shale boom was financed by junk bonds and the industry lost a lot of money. Financing has collapsed and the oil majors aren't willing to throw their own money after the lost money of investors. They are shutting down.
Kunstler said years ago, that passing peak-cheap-oil would bring great volatility. I suspect that the unwinding of U.S. shale production will indeed bring volatility.
Kunstler has a long list of predictions for 2015.
Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane | KUNSTLER
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