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Hi boguslaw, it's a 120vac led bulb, link to exact bulb is posted in thread.
Each 30awg. diameter enameled magnet wire secondary coil is 3" long, probably around 160-180 turns each, didn't count and of course those are wound opposite direction to each other.
24awg. bifilar is covering only one secondary, around 40 bifilar turns.
Have not measured frequency, though i can just barely hear it, so it is probably close to 20khz or above.
Hope that helps, of course feel free to give question or comments.
I'm going to try pedroxime's posted modification, thanks pedroxime, it has a capacitor in parellel with each secondary and what looks like a resistor connecting them to the center of both coils.
Pedroxime, could you verify if that is a resistor, thanks?
peace love light
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