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Originally Posted by hanon1492 View Post
Hi SkyWalker,

Note that the second induced coil in your setup is also reached by the inducer field from the primary because this field goes along the whole ferrite core without atenuation. I think this produce a conflict which surely decrease the potential output of your setup: the induced current in the first coil turns in CW direction (letīs say) but the inducer field induces a current in the second coil also in CW direction while the wire are turning in CCW in this part of the coil. I see a conflict here.

What about an aligned configuration as:


Where both inducers are creating a North pole toward each bucking coil (same inducer poles facing each other North-North). This way each bucking coil is transversed by a different inducer field : one inducing in CW and other inducing in CCW, the same as the wiring of both bucking coils. I hope to be helpful.

I have found a similar sketch in one post by Dave45 in other thread similar to what I refer (but taking out the condenser and diodes)

Wait a moment ! I saw this configuration many years ago ! It was used by Daniel Dingel for producing HHO in his water powered car.
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