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Maybe the Germans were using outdated Tesla technology during WWII?

Maybe the only reason the Germans had to rely on a reciprocating piston to power their implementation of Tesla's Special Generator - rather than anything better - was on account of their having stolen, in 1899, Tesla's patent on the liquefaction of air (patented by a Mr. Linde in Germany immediately after Tesla's lab caught fire)? Thus by theft, they had ostracized themselves from any further contact with Tesla on the development of his Special Generator. Tesla may not have been using this older version of a reciprocating piston anymore by the time the Germans implemented it during WWII? But the Germans made up for their lack of contact with Tesla by thieving yet again from the man who had worked with Tesla to develop this generator, a Mr. Dort (according to Mr. Lyne in his "Pentagon Aliens" book).

I'm hard put to think that Tesla would have been restricted to pneumatically driven reciprocating pistons by the start of WWII as the only way to drive his Special Generator. How could an innovator in his field ignore the development of piezo-oscillators as indicated by this excerpted page 3-32 (PDF pg. 82) from out of ...

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