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Could a Crystal Oscillator Replace the Reciprocating Piston?

Could a crystal oscillator replace the pneumatically driven, reciprocating piston of Tesla's original design (circa, 1895) and still produce a clean, crisp electrostatic signal for magnification and transformation into an electromagnetic output supplying a load?

To illustrate, I'll make an analogy between Tesla's Special Generator and an Earthing amplification device which uses an iron cored, toroidal, copper wound coil with a piezoelectric crystal at the center of the toroidal coil and the entirety wrapped with aluminum foil in the photo below...

Following the lead of posts #24 and #26 and using an excerpt from the following text's page 3-19 (PDF, pg. 69) ...


Notice how the right-hand "Equivalent Circuit" looks like the receiver on a Tesla coil minus the primary (plus driving circuit) in which the red dot is the addition of a piezoelectric oscillator representing the streamers coming off of a Tesla coil's topload, 'C' is the aluminum topload, 'L' is the secondary, and 'R' is the air core of the secondary plus the distance between the topload and the primary?

I had previously supposed that glass was the unsung hero in this circuit. And not knowing what to do with it or with the aluminum ingredient of Tesla's Special Generator, I inserted a capacitor into this circuit made of both ...

... but then opted to exclude it as being superfluous (right intentions; poor execution). But I hadn't considered the use of a vibrating crystal as a substitute for Tesla's reciprocating piston. So, I guess my hunch of glass was a lukewarm hunch after all since glass is somewhat of an amorphous melt of quartz.

Plus, I had no idea I was inadvertently using the symbol for a crystal oscillator for what I thought was a more detailed drawing of a glass plate capacitor... !

Audio / Video blogs ...
PiezoElectric Oscillators.

Placing an Amethyst Arrowhead in the Center of a Transformer's Aluminum Foil Wrapping as an Earthing Appliance's Very Vague Example of a Piezoelectrically Driven Special Generator of Nikola Tesla.

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