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Hi folks, would like to share this observation.
I decided to see if just one of the partnered secondary coils, the one under the bifilar oscillator, would light the led bulb the same and it did not.
It drew .7 amps and did not light the led bulb.
However, when i connected only one end of the other secondary coil, the wire end at the center of core, the led bulb lighted to the same intensity at the same amp draw of .52 amps.
Keep in mind, both secondary coils were in parallel to begin with, so why only the one coil would not light the led bulb is odd.
Not sure what to make of these observations yet, any ideas are welcome.
I wonder if i take only one wire from each partnered secondary coil and connect that to the led bulb, will it light at same intensity.
Which would basically mean, two open circuit coils.
Seems like slayer exciter behaviour a bit.
peace love light
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