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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi folks, just thought I'd start a fresh thread, as this bucking method may have value.

I have found that when the partnered coil wire ends, at the center, are connected and the outside wire ends connected, for a parallel wiring configuration, a reduction of input occurs when loaded with the 6 watt non-modified led bulb.
Unloaded self oscillator input is 3.5 volts @ .7 amps or 2.45 watts.
When partnered secondary coils are loaded with led bulb, input is .52 amps or 1.82 watts, with nice light output.
With a 220 nanofarad non-polarized capacitor is shunted directly across secondary coil output, input is then .4 amps or 1.4 watts.

Here is the inverter powering a 6 watt non-modified led bulb.

This pic shows the parallel wiring configuration of the 30awg. secondary partnered output coils.

I'll post a schematic of this setup when i get time.
peace love light
Congrats on that.

What is the make and model number of the bulb?


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