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Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
The ring magnet(s) is a gate magnet. It works exactly like a row of magnets in a linear configuration in that it pulls in one directions and pushes in the opposite. Once you can overcome the initial repulsion of the like poles, then it will repel through with great force and speed. If you are going to use that configuration, you will have to split the case and make a section for a wheel to travel through. This configuration has a strong magnetic pull and repulsion because of the combined strength of the magnets. The Bowman motor is three wheels, 1 is large and the other 2 are 1/2 size and they are all geared together. As the large on turns, the two smaller one rotate in the opposite direction. All north faces on the large one and like on one small one, and opposite on the other. This sets up a push-pull relationship with the large wheel. An offset magnet then keeps the wheels unbalanced to keep it in motion. More later. Good Luck. stealth

Sounds good. I got alot of catching up to do I see.

For all the Amigo's here is a V-Gate with mechanical reset.

Many possibilities exist. This is a test for a possible functioning OVER UNITY DEVICE.

Move over world. I want thank everyone for sharing in the other thread. Sharing makes you a winner.


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