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Redesigning Stages #3, #4 and #5

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
I did not see this right away, but the efficiency of the graphic above can be improved upon. Here is my redesign concept for improving efficiency of transfer between stages #3 and #4.

Take the cylindrical shape of stage #4 and place it inside of stage #3 as an iron PMH and wrap/wind stage #5 copper pickup coil around stage #4. In other words...

Using these YouTube instructions as a model from which to begin...

world's easiest fastest toroid for tesla coil

Following the directions of the above video from YouTube, if we took an aluminum ducting from the hardware store (probably used for dryer venting) and inserted into it a bundle of iron rebar (the rebar having first been wound with heavy copper wire), then both could be shaped into a circular shape with the copper coiled rebar suspended in the center of the aluminum ducting. Then the ducting could be sealed around the circular rebar cored copper coil and the ducting outfitted with its two Marie Calendar pie pans and then the aluminum duct plus pie pans could be hooked up to the single wire coming off the top of the secondary of the Tesla coil. And the two copper wires (coming out of the aluminum ducting from their winding around the circularly bound rebar) can go to a permanent small load, such as a small light bulb, and continue onward in parallel to a switch and two terminals for connecting to any number of intermittent loads. To prevent any hazard of internal arcs frying off the insulation from the copper wire on the inside of the aluminum duct / output terminal, maybe iron mesh in the form of steel wool has to be stuffed into the space surrounding the copper wire wound rebar between it and the interior of the aluminum duct?

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