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Magnet Motor Man

Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
Nice video. I have, over the years built many magnetic motor configurations. Some were very close to being self running. The greatest obstacle to overcome in a self running magnetic motor is size. In simple terms, you need a wheel large enough to have sufficient distance between each magnet or magnetic section. It needs to assume a neutral position after it has engaged the stator section before engaging another magnet on the rotor. Here a some examples of working magnetic motors. Some more are the Bowman motor, Hampster Cage motor. Good Luck. stealth

Hi Stealth

Talk to me about Bowman, Hampster cage? Magnet motors? You have these?

I understand what you said about spaces. I never built one.

What did you think about the self runner using a scooter motor to generate?

The one I am thinking about uses simple ring magnets spaced out nicely and a single ring magnet over head rotates?

I have scene a half dozen of these fully operational all from people who do not know one another.

The mechanical pole switching can be replaced with stationary pole flipping using Howard Johnson's magnetic gate shaping experiments.

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