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Who will be my second?....

Originally Posted by tutanka View Post
All are searching alternative energy .. WATER is the ONLY solution!!
You can dissociate the water into hydrogen/oxygen burn these molecules and produce kinetic steam for use with an turbine for produce electricity.. water return back in origin state and the process restart again.. and again and again.. don't lost time to find strange reactions..
You're right, but....

Who will be Stanley Meyer's second whenever he's challenged with claims of fraud and incapable of response due to his very dead condition?

I don't claim to know him personally, or have any insight on him. But it would be good to speculate on how he may have pulled off his success to invalidate any claim of fraud thrown in his direction. To do this in a fashion which could be acceptable to his critiques requires thinking from the perspective of his critiques, not from the perspective of those who support him. So, I look for standard theory which has been overlooked by not having been applied to his success. In other words, I try to support Stanley using the very tone and demeanor used by his critiques: I try to use abstractions of electricity and chemistry. My intended audience is not targeted to yourself, although your comments are helpful.

Who will be my second when I'm dead and buried? Will you?

BTW, "who will be my second; I will be your second" is a statement, a throwback, along with its associated response to the days of duelists and challenges among knights of honor.

I don't care much for physical fighting, but the movie, "The Duelists" with Harvey Keitel impressed me with how obsessive duelists can take their craft.

To top it off - thinking I had seen the last of that movie on cable television way back in the 1980s, I had the fortune to meet what looked like Mr. Keitel on the bus not too long ago. As I sat and casually tried to keep verifying for my satisfaction that it was he who I thought it was, someone else sitting near him started putting up a very loud stew about something - I don't know what. Homeless people and drunks had a habit of riding on that bus. He looked slightly irritated sitting next to that person and promptly got off the bus at the next stop. But before he did, I managed to cheer him up by passing him a compliment about that very movie. He didn't acknowledge that it was he who played in it; at least not directly. He paused with a moment of reflection and chose, instead, to say: "That's the best compliment I have received from anyone all day!".

So in a sense, I was trying to be his second that day. That's what random acts of kindness are for.

It's bad enough that Stanley may have been martyred. A wise man has said that religious leaders are always martyred. Since that wise man always spoke in metaphors, I took his use of the word "religion" to mean anything which is a totally new way of living such that it severely upsets the status quo sufficient to get themselves knocked off.

Who will be a second to a martyr?
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