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Structure of Stages #4 & #5

I've been doing all of my initial proof of concept experimentation using my body as my instrumentation of choice to better discern the essential nature of this topic by sleeping on it. Or more precisely, sleeping on an Earthing device - a bed pad - on top of a silk sheet, which is on top of a disconnected Earthing bedsheet which has become so thoroughly oxidized from frequent washings that the silver threads criss-crossing the sheet no longer accept a direct (hard-coupled) connection between my body and the silver threads. Earthing devices, such as: bedsheets and bed pads, are connected to Earth ground via the grounding port of a wall outlet which is correctly wired to standard building code, or else to a grounding rod which is independent of the house wiring.

My focus was the iron core of a coiled winding. My core preference was a toroidal shape. My choice of toroidal shape was based on my need to easily cross wind around the cylindrical mass. I didn't think I could do this on a more massively sized pipe despite the pipe's added iron mass possibly lending that extra umph to these experiments.

Each toroidal iron mass chosen was a floor flange weighing about 15 ounces. That's 1/213 of a horsepower, about one half of one percent of a horse (a healthy one, I hope!), added to the output of this device if running at the peak of efficiency (of a TSG) which Tesla has been known to excel. I don't expect that much from myself. Or more seriously, 1/213 of one electrical horsepower (EH) translates into three and a half watts: 746 watts/EH 213th part of 200lbs. (15oz) = 3.5 watts for experiment #2; 7 watts for experiment #3.

I used these galvanized floor flanges from the plumbing department of a hardware store, with a 1 & 1/2" ID, to save money instead of using a laminated toroidal core from eBay (although I would have preferred to not use a galvanized piece, but I didn't know then what I know now: they also come as "black malleable iron floor flanges", as well as in larger sizes up to 4 inches inside diameter).

But for my very first test, I did not use floor flanges, but used iron nails and green enameled floral wire, #24 gauge, single layer, wound onto the two legs of eight bare iron nails doubled as two nails per side of a square shape. It would have been a true AC transformer in the sense that one leg of the transformer was one coil leading to Earth ground and the other coiled leg went to my Earthing bed pad had not one lead of each coil not been left free to go no where! Later on, I reunited the two coils for improved performance - in a strongly coupled sense, but was also worse because it was only one coil wound in only one direction. Since I was using the grounding port of the electrical wall outlet (not a grounding rod separate from the house wiring), the AC hum bled into this grounded line and the transformer boosted that hum depositing it into my body as a soft vibration which eventually became annoying. So, I substituted with a separate ground leading to a grounding rod outside my bedroom window independent of the house wiring's ground to the AC's neutral.

It should be noted that up until the very end of these series of experiments, I did not know that my Earthing bedsheet was not conductive anymore except on the edges of the mattress if I firmly gripped the edge with my hand. Yet, I was still getting some influence or else I wouldn't have noticed the AC hum which also, and not so incidentally, created a condition not unlike that of an overly-caffeinated condition in which I could not fall asleep. In fact, I'd shoot out of bed after a mere five seconds or less of attempting to fall asleep with a tremendous surge of energy and creativity, but along with a mild headache. Once I substituted a brand new Earthing bed pad in place of my connection to a faulty Earthing bedsheet, the benefits which I was experiencing using my Earth-boosting device attached inline with my Earthing bed pad to boost my nightly sleep was nothing short of WOW. Geez! What I'll do for science...

My second test used galvanized floor flanges wound with green enameled floral wire, #24 gauge, single layer with a zig-zag winding of one half of the floor flange wound clockwise (CW) and the other half wound counter-clockwise (CCW), 69 turns each half. The adjacent ends of each coil were connected together creating another PMH: a copper wire PMH. At these two points of connection on either side of this toroidal winding, I connected one lead from Earth ground and the other to the Earthing bed pad. This was nice, but I feared that the zig-zag winding on the same iron core might be neutralizing itself in more ways then the mere attempt to cancel out any AC hum from my environment, let alone "balance" the signals interacting between my body and the Earth (not unlike the use of a balanced audio signal to cancel AC hum from electric guitars, and amplifiers experiencing the same bleed-over of AC signal from adjacent live house wiring).

So for my third experiment, I split the zig and the zag onto two separate, but identically wound, floor flanges different only in direction of winding: one was CW and the other was CCW. Again, I connected them in a circular manner making the wiring into another PMH of sorts. But this time, I used #16 gauge, insulated, copper wire. Each toroidal winding used 39 turns of a single layer, although it could have accommodated 42 turns. So, I tried to keep my number of turns and length of wire matched for the winding of each of this pair as well as matching the length of all four leads coming off of each winding. Each winding was covered with aluminum foil: one had the foil going into the center hole and covering the hole's inside surface, while the other winding I didn't bother to go inside the hole but merely enclosed the entirety of the winding as one piece. Using terminal connectors, I connected one side of one toroidal winding with one side of the other toroidal winding. But I didn't push these terminal connectors into each other all the way. I left a little space for clipping on alligator clips: one going to the Earth grounding rod outside my bedroom window, and the other leading to the Earthing bed pad. I arranged these two toroids on the floor separated from each other by several inches. A few nights later (last night), I decided to stack one winding on top of the other which had been my initial intention. Then, I had a dream this morning, immediately before waking up... Although I wasn't immediately sure whether or not stacking the toroidal windings was any better than separating them. Yet, the dream may be demonstrating that it was an improvement after all?

I was told in the dream that because of what I had done, dogs had obtained the legal right to vote and smoke pot. This was supposed to be something good! I've got all kinds of guesses what that could mean, but still don't know and am not worrying about it.
  1. Dog could be God spelled, backwards?
  2. Dog could be any under-dog, gadfly, etc.
  3. Dog could be the innocent, such as: children, or unsung heroes, etc.
  4. Obtaining the legal right to vote could be: having a voice, a socially recognized presence, or access to a more well-developed intellect (what a doggy or child might otherwise not possess much of), etc.
  5. Obtaining the legal right to smoke marijuana could be: full access to pleasurable vices. Since a little bit of God is in the sexual orgasm (to prevent us from becoming extinct from lack of interest in sex), the recognition of God in the sexual act is a precondition to the recognition of what constitutes a human apart from a mere animal. Thus, are dolphins not recognized for what they are, while chimpanzees (proto-human) have a ways to go, yet. Obtaining this 'grace' may be total access to becoming a human. Charlie Lutes would sometimes remind us - those of us who went to listen to his weekly lectures in Los Angeles - that the angels are waiting in line to become human, but are in no great hurry on account of the rank materialism that each would immediately be caught up into should they enter the Earth at that time (over two decades ago).
  6. What did I do to deserve this dream? I don't know...

Continuing with the discussion...
I'm pondering whether or not the iron pickup of stage #4 should be two separate windings, not merely one, matched CW vs CCW, and stacked in pairs (could be multiple sets of pairs)? In other words, has my Earthing experiments been merely an examination of stages #4 & #5 (and possibly a little examination of stage #3 as well)? And leaving me little choice but to speculate on how to charge up stage #4 so that stage #5 could run a load? {I'm referring to the use of a Tesla coil in the previous post #22}

Sandwiched together, one coil laying on top of the other, is the best configuration.

Although two of each, wound clockwise and counter-clockwise, are a minimum configuration, multiple sets of two could be stacked up and charged with a Tesla coil secondary inserted through the center of the stack, and then removed.

Spread out apart may look nice and neat, but is not as good as sandwiching the two coils together - one on top of the other.


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