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Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
Maybe that's my mistake? I haven't read past page ten!

  1. I thought conservation laws only apply to closed systems and to no other?
  2. I thought overunity was only possible for an open system?
  3. I thought energy losses of any sort was only possible for an open system?
  4. I thought energy gains of any sort was only possible for an open system?
  5. I thought your document was describing that this device is interacting with its environment?...
  6. Making it an open system?
  7. And not subject to the laws of conservation?

I'm confused!


Without the law of conservation free energy devices would be impossible, what free energy device (take a single E-TBC for example ) does is only expanding the energetic paths to be outside the system and then extracting it!

in the same page Floyd sweet added this : the induced motional E-field changes the system upon which those laws need to be applied

take the example in Fig7 the attracted ambient electrons wasn't originated by the system itself but it was from outside the oscillating device, here according the law of conservation the ambient electrons must be added to the total power, in other words we just open another ambient energetic gate to be added to the total energy of the system.

The extracted electrical energy is a result of amplified voltage and current which in turn replicated by the frequency, the term over unity isn't clear , it mean you get more than what you put in without indication from where the excess energy came from ?

the conservation law when applied outside your system another new energy will be just added by the same law so the overall energy will be overunity.
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