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Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center
December 2014 - News

1. Energy Turning-Point -- New article by Veljko Milkovic

By observing living beings, it is not hard to notice that almost all movement is oscillatory. Just as the wind swings branches, many other plants bend under the force of the wind, thanks to their elasticity. The birds fly by flapping their wings; fish are similar as they oscillate their fins and tail. When discussing the movements of people and land animals, one can also talk about oscillatory movement. A similar situation can be found when observing internal organs. It is probably not by chance that such rational achievements exist in all living beings...

2. Dry Friction and the Milkovic Effect -- New scientific phenomena

Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc, defined the occurrence of the Milkovic Effect in his new paper and thus gave the scientific support for Veljko Milkovic's thesis that the oscillations of the pendulum are more efficient than rotations.

The goal of this paper is to exclude dry friction as a cause of the increased duration of oscillation of a pendulum when compared to the rotation of a wheel, starting after the initiation of their movement and waiting until the movement is stopped by itself. Since this phenomenon was discovered by Veljko Milkovic, an inventor and a member of the academy of inventors of Serbia (SAIN),the author has chosen to name it the Milkovic Effect. The opinion of the author is that this phenomenon is complementary to the Aspden Effect, which will be further discussed in this paper, along with other inertial anomalies known to the author.

3. Laboratory proof of the superiority of the flexible pendulum versus the electric motor

Laboratory measuring which proves the oscillation of a flexible pendulum to be a hundred times longer than the rotation of an asynchronous motor.
Measurement performed by Prof. Slobodan Milovancev, Ph.D., Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad, Serbia, June 04, 2014.

4. Support of the Academy of Sciences for further research

Academy of Sciences, Cultures and Arts of Vojvodina (ANKUV), as one of the most relevant scientific institution in Serbia which gathers the leading university professors and scientists, gave the official scientific support and recommendation for further scientific research of a very efficient pump with a pendulum.

Academy of Sciences, Cultures and Arts of Vojvodina
Prof. Lidija Cveticanin, Ph.D., Academician Prof. Milorad Miloradov. Ph.D.

Opinion on the Model of a Two-Stage Pendulum Driving a Pump
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