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I lost myself on page ten...

Originally Posted by med.3012 View Post
i opened this thread to discuss the resonance energy device, i am the writer of this presentation

...for more information please read the full presentation, ...
Maybe that's my mistake? I haven't read past page ten!

The summation of the losses due to resistance, impedance, friction, magnetic hysteresis, eddy currents and windage losses of rotating machinery will always reduce overall efficiency below unity for a closed system. The laws of conservation of energy always apply to all systems
  1. I thought conservation laws only apply to closed systems and to no other?
  2. I thought overunity was only possible for an open system?
  3. I thought energy losses of any sort was only possible for an open system?
  4. I thought energy gains of any sort was only possible for an open system?
  5. I thought your document was describing that this device is interacting with its environment?...
  6. Making it an open system?
  7. And not subject to the laws of conservation?

I'm confused!
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