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more explanation about the dual E-TBC

The Dual extended Tesla Bi-filar coil resemble the concept of Ambient Background Energy in real time, a single E-TBC is a subject of reactive energy because the electrons separation area is actually situated inside the system which lead to the phase shift between current and voltage ( x point in a single E-TBC divide the system into two identical parts, each parts is either a magnetic domain spin or an electric domain spin ).

i received some question about the meaning of talking about the reactive energy even the resonance imply the presence of this kind of electric energy, The E-TBC is a very special parallel L/C circuit, this device use a special mechanism to charge its capacitor during the oscillation, take the example of the second sight when the magnetic field has a max value and ready to collapse, page 6 in my document , The Big question is how the capacitor is able to be charged through ONE POINT?!
Fig 8 in the same document, in other words how the capacitor can be charged when it's short circuited ?

The presence of the induced rotating electric field plus the geometrical specification of the E-TBC give the half answer because this field is able to secure a difference of potential between adjacent plates which give a free power gain ; the other half answer is that , the induced electric field is the cause for spin mechanism to be done inside an oscillating E-TBC, --- the power of spin is by the induced Electric field but the direction of spin is the work of magnetic field!---

to explain this idea more i have to say: the capacitor inside an oscillating E-TBC must be charged dynamically not statically, it's not possible for this capacitor to be charged statically through one point!
in my point of view the presence of magnetic field inside the capacitor will twist the electrons to have two identical domain, magnetic domain ( CW) and electric domain ( CCW), the one dimensional capacitor is a denotation for spin separation mechanism area... i hope the idea is clear now because we need it further more to solve the problems involved in a single oscillating E-TBC , such as :

1-reactive energy

2-negative electricity flowing regime time which lead to cancellation effect within the collection system.

3-the need for earth ground to improve the performance of system is the result of high speed reactive electric energy, to attract ambient electrons effectively we need active electric energy rather than reactive electric energy... i was confused about this phenomena but i reckon the problem will be solved using the dual E-TBC.

4- using standing waves will force the system to be limited in both L1 and L2 coil, because we must work with a very defined frequency the geometry of L1 will be narrow to provide the needed high frequency , in other hand the length of L2 will be limited by the frequency NOT BY THE NEEDED VOLTAGE...

5 - and this is the most important reason to move toward the dual E-TBC is the need for good equipment and good skills to work effectively with RF waves.

the concept behind the Dual E-TBC is the same as a single E-TBC, the idea behind a single E-TBC is to add another electrical dimension to the famous Tesla Bi-filar flat coil, the system give reactive energy because it form a parallel L/C circuit BUT unlike ordinary parallel L/C circuit our E-TBC is a subject for spin separation mechanism because it divide electricity and magnetism into two identical parts, the presence of one dimensional capacitor ( A SHORT CIRCUITED CAPACITOR ) prove this concept.

The Dual E-TBC is composed of two identical E-TBC, one is the red E-TBC ,the other is the Black E-TBC, this is another expansion the same manner as adding another electrical dimension but this is another magnetic dimension which look like another opposite magnetic charge!

the total charge in a charged capacitor is zero, right ? the total magnetic field in an oscillating dual E-TBC is zero, right ? ---see the previous photos--- if the R-E-TBC give a positive magnetic field the B-E-TBC will give a negative magnetic field, so the total magnetic field in both E-tbc is zero.

the current go forth and back when the dual E-TBC oscillate, it start from the B-E-TBC toward the R-E-TBC and back again to B-E-TBC and finally the current end in the red E-TBC .

X1 and X2 are the location of the virtual one dimensional capacitors, every E-TBC works as expected as if it's alone but the capacitor will be totally invisible ... , the idea here is to move the spin separation area outside the system, so every move across that area will cause the electrons to change its spinning direction, this look like the same as the concept behind the future/past light cone but in positive energy reality ... the idea here is a bit difficult but i will try to explain it , The dual E-TBC form a kind of special zone where we achieve a one dimensional capacitor/ coil, x1 with x2 together form just one capacitor inside the system not in the position of spark gap... the flow of negative energy will show how this special zone will be formed, when oscillating the ambient back ground energy will supply energy in both direction but the reactive energy is still present because it's needed for energy amplification , the beauty here is when the B-E-TBC supply current the other coil will supply voltage and vise versa...
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