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Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
Who's Handerson?

I can't agree more. In fact, I believe that is what Stan Meyer was working on: converting nitrogen into ammonia and ignite it all at the same time inside his water fuel injector. In fact, it might be possible to avoid the break down of water altogether and just ignite it with the air with enough voltage that the nitrogen does three conversions: break down from N2 to N, form ammonia, and burn back to N2. Wow, that sounds redundant. Or, rather than using ammonia to carry the electron, use high voltage ionization. So, in essence, you're right on. But, see how similar these chemistries are? It's the difference between using a ratchet wrench and using a whirly-gig. One's tediously slow and methodical, yet is good for demonstrating basic electro-chemistry behind this, while your way is highly efficient but only makes sense to "one skilled in the art". Baby steps...
exaust gas formed from water steam and nitrogen are just the carrier.. ammonia is present because is present ionziatione but without hydrogen and nitrogen atoms and catalyst you can't obtain that. For ammonia creation you need high temperature and high pressure. Aanlizyng better satn meyer injector is clear that main object was convert water steam into hidrogen/oxygen. The high voltage is just for ignition not for obtain the reaction. The correct design of water injector was different from the patent. My theory, and from other persons, was that Stan Meyer don't had clear as device really work .. air ionization is an clear fake isn't the sponge of electrons of water molecules.
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