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Dual Extended Tesla Bi-filar coil

In this post i am going to propose a new idea came to my mind recently But i didn't tested it, it most likely works depending of my understanding about how the E-TBC act.

After working on L2 coil to correct the phase between current and voltage and after i had failed because i don't have the needed equipment to measure the frequency, a new idea appear to be the solution for reactive energy problems.

Briefly we need to extended the E-TBC to obtain a one dimensional coil/capacitor! the idea is to build another equivalent opposite sign magnetic field,.

The E-TBC has a full capacitor with + and - sign , so if we make another E-TBC with opposite winding direction we will be able to force the electrons to spin up and down at the same time, so the full system will supply current and voltage.

If the black-E-TBC have electrons spin down , the other Red E-TBC will be forced to give electron spin up; The biggest idea here is to make the full process to appear in just one process, so the reactive energy will be active using Twin E-TBC.

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