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Eurasian integration for Europe

The industrial Revolution created great wealth and power and military might. It started in England and Germany. This allowed the West to exercise great control over the East, Opium was a great help also. The industrial revolution has finally caught up in the East. The Eastern States were able to hold wages down to accumulate a huge bankroll. Their next project is to raise wages and the standard of living.
The West always tried to keep the East in a colonial status. The emerging markets have industry and a bankroll. They plan to use these to pull away from the West and integrate among themselves.
Europe has been totally thrashed and trashed by following the lead of the war mongers in America / London. The East is offering Europe a chance to escape the endless American wars and resulting austerity. The East is intent on building a trading empire and NOT a belligerent empire.

First comes communication, then, transportation. This is followed by developing markets. There is now a train that runs from China to Spain. There are plans to build high-speed rail links to get away from maritime transportation.
The District of Corruption offers endless wars and widespread chaos. The East offers integration and trade. The idiots in D.C are trying to obtain / maintain control of the oil that runs in pipelines from Russia and central Asia. The East is building institutions to replace Western control of banking and investment.

The U.S. is only 4% of the world's population. The R.O.W. has grown up and industrialized. They see D.C. pushing for WW III. They see that the Chinese just want to get filthy rich doing trade. Europe just shot itself in the foot by getting the Southstream pipeline cancelled. Hopefully, they will break away from American dictates in the near future.
They have to choose between American enforced chaos or a chance of a peaceful future with Eurasian integration.
Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Eurasian Integration vs. the Empire of Chaos | TomDispatch
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