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Getting first hand experience of the properties of iron via a bio-Earthing circuit.

Originally Posted by Sputins View Post

Nice articulated posts.

I was recently reading the old paper from William Lyne called “Free Energy Surprise”. (I have an idea for an experiment cooking in my head along these lines). This paper by Lyne describes apparatus for obtaining electrical energy from the air by way of burning atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen with an electric arc. – This from Tesla’s Manifesto, the Jan 1, 1904 Electrical World and Engineer.

Somewhere Tesla also said that he had found “…a new (‘environmental’ energy producing) use for iron”.. So I am searching for that quote reference and what context he used it in.. Anyone know?

Wouldn’t basic experiments with this Tri-metal idea simply begin with a few sheets each of iron, copper and aluminium? Then advance from there. Maybe the PMH could play into it as well?
At the bottom of page 284 of William Lyne's Pentagon Aliens, he quotes a Mr. Dort describing the properties of iron, copper and aluminum as being magnetic, active and reflective. I pressed Mr. Lyne to be more descriptive about aluminum. He declined. Perhaps an opportunity to stimulate our own discovery? Plus, the story as he relates is not something anyone has publicly replicated, except for Mr. Lyne's Free Energy Surprise, so he and everyone else is relaying information which is at least second hand, or anecdotal.

I think iron is a good place to start. Also, any electrostatic properties of aluminum? It makes good lightening rods, maybe for some other good reason?

This is why I do experiments on using iron core coil windings for enhancing my Earthing bedsheet experience whenever I sleep on a silver-wire laced bedsheet while it is connected to the Earth through the iron cored, coil setup and document my results here. Removing the iron core (a galvanized pipe fitting 'floor flange' intended for screwing a pipe into it) and replacing it with two graphite/wood cores (pencils) connected in a circular loop vacates the benefit. But since the Earthing appliance setup is essentially an open circuit, and my inclusion of the coil is a closed circuit in the middle of the open circuit, my limited background in electrical theory leaves me clueless why this iron setup is integral to amplifying the benefit of grounding my body whenever I sleep.

This addition to Earthing appliances also amplifies the AC hum which bleeds over from the live wires in the house wiring to the grounding wire running alongside the live wires and has made me so sensitive to the AC hum that I now have to refuse to use any Earthing appliance inside my home if I can't establish a connection to any grounding rod which is independent of the ground wire of the house wiring - with or without using my iron cored device inline.

Any thought that this is somehow a placebo effect is erased the minute I use this device connected to the house wiring ground port on the wall outlet. Although I'm still baffled how the iron core manages to amplify the Earthing experience via a mere open connection to the Earth, I cannot ignore the AC hum experiences which I've repeated over and over again with their ensuing results: mild headache, extreme overly caffeine-like stimulation. It's a mystery.
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