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PMH and Back EMF

Let's take this surmising one step further...

I'll warrant that back EMF is nothing other than a PMH discharge already latent within a pre-magnetized(?), or magnetizable(?), situation?

Natural perpetual motion is all around us...

This would imply that perpetual motion exists all around us as a property of the aether. Magnetizable material, permanent magnets, and conductors of electric fields wound as spirals to cut across themselves (thus, inverting their electric field into a magnetic field) are all interfaces with the perpetual motion latent within the aetheric medium which surrounds us, and engulfs us. Back EMF is an indication of this.

Resistance within a conductor of an electric field is a pre-condition to back EMF. This sounds like a contradiction to perpetual motion unless magnetism is the ability to harness the perpetual motion within atomic, or electron, spin?

Electromagnetic resistance within a conductor may be the result of attempting to insert energy of inverted spin into a material which is opposed to giving up its inversion. This would include most metallic substances except iron. In iron, it's still opposed to the application of inverted spin, but at least iron is willing to give up its inversion by giving up the energy of its inverted spin since it's going to receive new energy anyway (in a transformer, or iron core coil winding). So, iron is flexible and makes for a good medium of energy exchange (which is the definition of money!).

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