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Why the spin separation area is so important ?

In a permanent magnet the spin separation area is the Bloch wall; because it's a fixed area it provide the correct energetic symmetry for negative energy to flow all the time...

in a resonating ordinary parallel L/C circuit, the electrons spin separation area is formed But it isn't fixed.

Imagine A and B are the your coil edges- imagine the current enter the coil from A, when the capacitor start discharging across it , Bloch wall will exist in A point firstly and move along the coil but when the capacitor is fully discharged and the current has its max value the Bloch wall will exist exactly in the middle of your coil between A and B, this mean the two edge has all the electric energy but one edge spin CCW provide voltage while the other end will spin CW and provide current, because there is no more energy to be pushed to the coil since the capacitor is fully discharged , the magnetic field start collapsing and inducing current to charge the capacitor again but with opposite sign, here the Bloch wall area will start moving toward B point seeking energy equilibrium!

AC electric energy has two magnetic domain defined by electrons spin direction, magnetic domain and electric domain, the first time the coil start receiving electric energy it hold that energy by electron spinning mechanism A will have voltage because it's in receiving mode so it has the same polarity as the capacitor, when more electrons are in CCW direction the same number exist but in CW direction, this mechanism is what happen inside the coil to conserve the electric energy as a magnetic field, when the magnetic field take its greater value the Bloch wall exist in the middle, the value of capacitor with the value of coil inductance determine how much power will be conserved in the coil , the Bloch wall can't excess the middle of the coil in this receiving mode.

Now the magnetic field have to collapse but the Bloch wall area can't move to A point because B point has a max CW electrons domain ... moving electrons spin separation area toward A mean B has no electrons in CW spinning direction and this is not true!

the relaxation of magnetic field will cause the Bloch wall area to move toward B point and this will reverse the coil polarity to push electrons into the capacitor, the magnetic field has more freedom degrees unlike the static electric field...

this phenomena look like turning a spring and let it relax, it will turn in opposite direction in each edges to relax...

the Bloch wall area is so important because when we could fix it we could say our system could operate in receiving and transmitting mode at the same time , this is actually what happened in an oscillating E-TBC, when the current start increasing ( receiving mode ) , the induced rotating electric field cause the system to build a cost free voltage ( transmitting mode ) ... this is briefly what cause the E-TBC to replicate the power with radio frequency speed.

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