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how the spark-gap form the spin separation mechanism in an oscillation E-TBC ?

This is one of the most difficult behavior that need extensive research because when the electron spin around its axis it actually don't have an axis! But compared to its imaginary component it act like it has an axis, this phenomena appear due to the energetic superposition....

The E-TBC provide these energetic superposition condition, the point where the spin separation take action is the intersect between positive and negative energy, the one dimensional capacitor is the key point for this superposition between + and - energy to be present.

the geometrical shape in this hidden science has a major importance, if we treat things as there is no relation between them this new Kind of electrical science will just disappear!!!!

the misunderstanding of capacitor for example when we though that displacement current exist EVEN THE CAPACITOR PLATES ARE SEPARATED, doing it that way we force things to go in the wrong direction.

The common behavior between magnetism and electricity is SPINNING, added this to the energetic superposition in symmetric mode will OPEN the door............
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