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the parasites are overdrawn

I work hard. Where does my money go? The industrial economy produces enormous wealth. Where does it all go? We should have drastically falling prices with so much automation. Who is reaping the benefits of all this productivity?
I'm helping a couple of kids with college tuition. Tuition was just raised in the UC system. Wonder why?
"UC panel proposed Tuesday that environmental and social issues should influence how the system invests its $91 billion"
OK, so the UC system has $91,000,000,000 to it's credit. Why the helll does it have to raise tuition?
184,000 GOV entities have hundreds of $ trillions stashed away but, they need to raise taxes. Obama's Phony Turning Point
Orange county in Ca. screamed that they had a $ 1 billion deficit and had to raise taxes. Someone got up at the meeting and pointed to the CAFR report and showed that Orange county showed $14 billion in cash and lots of investments. CAFR 'Off-Budget*Incomes DWARF 'Budget Deficits'

A few years ago, there was a huge battle in Wisconsin over a demand to raise taxes to cover budget shortfalls. I went to the State GOV site and clicked on the "comprehensive annual financial report". It returned, "page unavailable, contact your webmaster". Someone else did have the report and aired it out showing that Wisconsin had tons of money. Wisconsin’s Real Financial Situation Explained | REALITY BLOG

Now, we've all heard the claim that America is a corporation, " UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.
Registered in Delaware
as a Religious Non-profit Corporation "
AMERICAN KABUKI: UPDATED: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. Registered in Delaware as a Religious Non-profit Corporation
AND; United States v. United States of America

Everyone has seen the vid on tax farming;
Looking at the numbers and structure of GOV, one would be inclined to believe that GOV exists solely to feed itself and grow without limit. One also gets the idea that; if GOV continuously demands ever-more taxes, it does so to keep us producing rather than kicking back and taking it easy.

If the UC system is a public institution supported by taxes, why should there be any need for it to squirrel away $ 91 billion. Even the court systems have hundreds of billions squirrelled away. We're taxed mercilessly to support entities that don't need support.
The economy is crashing because we have no money and there is no demand. The enormous price deflation that should have been a benefit of automation never appeared. It was siphoned off by taxes, fees and interest. Was this done simply to provide support for every bureaucrat that was able to slither into a GOV job OR, was it done to bring a low birth rate?

The 2008 crash was an example of what happens when to much money is forced into a sector beyond the fundamental need. The same thing was done in the oil sector. The Fracturing Energy Bubble Is the New Housing Crash | Zero Hedge
It is expected to be 10 times worse and it didn't even cause the effects that the neo-cons hoped for. Russian news: America's "Defeat Russia with Cheap Oil" Strategy is Failing - Russia Insider
This isn't expected to turn out well;
The Fed Is Sitting On a $191 TRILLION Time Bomb | Zero Hedge
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