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Good Reading yhu BBX

... and again thank yhu for Fela ... did not know his music until yhu posted it <º)))>< ... Mr.grammarticalogylisatitionalism is the boss

.... How music class can spark language development

.... How to sharpen your sense of smell without using your nose

Athletes and dancers improve their work by imagining themselves practicing physical skills, and musicians get better after imagining a performance. Now, it turns out, professional smellers can also mentally enhance their game.

... Mind over matter, the brain alone can tone muscle


"It is said that Mademoiselle Chanel chose No. 5 because she preferred the fifth sample submitted by Ernest Beaux. According to other exegeses, she chooses 5, the magic number, the quintessence of the alchemists."
--------- 1968 Asterix & Cleopatra: the arsenic cake song

At the heart of the Western understanding of the Tree of Life, is the little document titled "The 32 Paths of Wisdom"

The 32 Paths of Wisdom

see also : The biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis Chapters 2-3 )
.... Four Cornered Room ... Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic

Inguz | Rune Secrets

Jewish Tradition (Western Tradition)
Path #1 = Kether 1:1 (=Kether)
Path #2 = Heh 1:2 (=Chokmah)
Path #3 = Chokmah 1:3 (= Binah)
Path #4 = Beth 1:4 (= Gedulah)
Path #5 = Vav 1:4 (= Geburah)
Path #6 = Zayin 1:5 (= Tiphareth)
Path #7 = Binah 1:6 (= Netzach)
Path #8 = Aleph 1:7 (= Hod)
Path #9 = Cheth 1:8 (= Yesod)
Path #10 = Gedulah 1:9 (= Malkuth)
Path #11 = Teth 1:10 (= Aleph)
Path #12 = Gimel 1:10 (= Beth)
Path #13 = Geburah 1:11 (= Gimel)
Path #14 = Daleth 1:12 (= Daleth)
Path #15 = Tiphareth 1:14 (= Heh)
Path #16 = Mem 1:16 (= Vav)
Path #17 = Yod 1:17 (= Zayin)
Path #18 = Kaph 1:18 (= Cheth)
Path #19 = Netzach 1:20 (= Teth)
Path #20 = Lamed 1:21 (= Yod)
Path #21 = Peh 1:21 (= Kaph)
Path #22 = Nun 1:22 (= Lamed)
Path #23 = Hod 1:24 (= Mem)
Path #24 = Shin 1:25 (= Nun)
Path #25 = Resh 1:25 (= Samekh)
Path #26 = Yesod 1:26 (= Ayin)
Path #27 = Samekh 1:27 (= Peh)
Path #28 = Ayin 1:27 (= Tzaddi)
Path #29 = Tzaddi 1:28 (= Qooph)
Path #30 = Malkuth 1:28 (= Resh)
Path #31 = Qooph 1:29 (= Shin)
Path #32 = Tav 1:31 (= Tav)

The Bird of Divine Providence - Contemporary Kabbalists

image from : The 216 Golden Rectangle


'Fibonacci quasiparticle' could form basis of future quantum computers

Vaezi explains that the Fibonacci anyon is related to the famous Fibonacci sequence (where a number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers) as well as the golden ratio, 1.617… (which is approximately the ratio of any number in the Fibonacci sequence to the previous number). These mathematical patterns arise because of its quantum properties, particularly those related to the so-called fusion rules that govern particle spins.

Fibonacci quasicrystal ..... "Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes
... ShuFfering and Shmiling

Colors of noise

Retinal cells are arranged in a blue-noise-like pattern which yields good visual resolution.[6][7] ... Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?

Finding the simple patterns in a complex world

Robert James Moon

Robert James Moon (14 February 1911 – 1 November 1989[1]) was an American physicist, chemist and engineer. An important figure in 20th century nuclear science, he was involved in America's wartime Manhattan Project. He pioneered work on the fundamental structure of the atomic nucleus based on platonic solids.


... Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five



Extended Fibonacci Patterns Radial Graphs

the Earth-Venus dance for eight years creates this beautiful five-petal flower with the Sun at the center. (5 is another Fibonacci number.)

Dances of the Planets
This letter Vav, moreover, is the Hebrew letter corresponding to the zodiacal sign Taurus, ruled by Venus ( see also Peh )

Sefer Yesira : 41 [Gruenwald]

Saadia [Manuscripts C and Z Hayman]:
1 He made Bet King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Saturn in the universe, the Sabbath in the year, and the mouth in the soul.

2 He made Gimel King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Jupiter in the universe, Sunday in the year, and the right eye of the soul.

3. He made Dalet King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Mars in the universe, Monday in the year, and the left eye of the soul.

4. He made Kaf King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Sun in the universe, Tuesday in the year, and the right nostril of the soul.

5. He made Peh King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Venus in the universe, Wednesday in the year, and the left nostril of the soul.

6. He made Resh King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Mercury in the universe, Thursday in the year, and the right ear of the soul.

7. He made Tav King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Moon in the universe, Friday in the year, and the left ear of the soul.

Is The Planet Order Really a Mess? - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

did yhu know ....

Egyptian mummies were exported to Europe, ground down, and sold in apothecaries throughout the continent. Part of the craze for ‘Mummy powder’ was due to the claim that mummies had a mysterious life force that was transferrable to whoever ingested it. Hence, ground mummies were consumed by Europeans well into the 18th century. -

0_0 ... wyrd

See more at: Mummy Brown

In Egyptian belief, blue was considered as the colour of the heavens, and hence the universe. It was also associated with water and the Nile. Thus, blue was the colour of life, fertility and rebirth.

- See more at: Egyptian Blue “ The Oldest Known Artificial Pigment
James Brown - Mind Power
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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