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Dirty Electricity and the Watt-Hour Meter...

Originally Posted by MasterBlaster View Post
The first two posts of this thread may be relevant to this topic.
Dirty electrcity
Very interesting link. Thanks.

In retrospect, I didn't immediately understand until now what you were implying, that aluminum - although functional in the original design of the watt-hour meter - is hampering our ability to measure what is going on: the production of dirty electricity.

To play it safe, I've ordered one DE suppressor and will probably order some more in the near future.

Despite these hazards, or instead of them, and in order to better understand how Tesla's Special Generator may have operated, I still pursue investigation into how on Earth do these old meters do their thing?

I've sometimes wondered if the separation of voltage from current in the watt-hour meter's armature might jeopardize our safe cohabitation with it? But I like to hold out the possibility of utilizing at least some of its principles of operation for some other device.

Here is a review I posted at Amazon on Joseph Cater's book, "The Awesome Life Force" regarding the reaction of aluminum to electromagnetic forces placed upon it ...

Fantastic text on little known principles of mechanical and electrical engineering..., December 15, 2014
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