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Bankruptcy of the pension benefit guarantee corporation

As everyone knows, GOV bought a LOT of bullets. Who are they going to use them on? GOV is pushing through a plan to cut pensions in a big way.
Congress considers plan to allow pension plans to cut benefits for retirees - Dec. 10, 2014
Pension plans have been severely underfunded and the obvious answer is, just cut them.
The Daily Bell - So It Begins: Congress to Cut Pension Plans
A branch of GOV guarantees a huge number of plans and GOV is broke. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp - PBGC Protects America's Pensions
The bill is being pushed through pretty fast. Is there some kind of urgency? Maybe GOV knows something that we don't know.
Things are really warming up with the financial crash initiated by the oil price crash. It's definitely bad news for the banks.
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