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Originally Posted by SYDERA View Post
Do you mean the subconscious in terms of thousands of years of brain washing? By that I am referring to religion as well as capitalist shopping worship
Numbers equate to quantifying/quontrolling ( )- that may amount to taxifying, not just of the emotions but in terms of money too?
that is one way of seeing it ... yhu project your own reality ... if you choose to give it the meaning you have just described ... so shall it be "represented in your own personal reality" .... or ... you can "hack" it to become part of the Cosmic Game / Cosmic Giggle / Cosmic "Hacker" .... Imagination - Just An Illusion


"Hu" and "Saa" and the Ship of the Soul

While little understood even by such Egyptologists as Budge, there are two Neteru whose lineages are necessary for us all to keep in mind. Hu is the Steersman or Pilot of the Ship of Ra (listed below) and his brother Saa is his Navigator who plots the course for the Ship of the Soul. Those born of these Totemic Lineages may recognize themselves mostly from their innate tendency to "pilot" or "navigate" themselves and others through life's "rough waters." The natural-born Strategists and "Movers And Shakers" of society, these Lineages are called-upon by any who need help knowing where they are going and actually getting there.

As melancholy can arise when alchemically working on oneself, the alchemists advised the use of music to lift the soul.
Saa + Hu = Shu ...Samurai o' Renegades

.... The Egyptian Rites


Terence Mckenna - Nobody knows jack **** about what is going on ... Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel

Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths and Fairy Tales: Shadow People: The Hat Man

... Original GhostBusters Theme Song

Michael Persinger, a Canadian neuroscientist. He was conducting research with geomagnetic fields and psi that was far more sophisticated than my earlier efforts. I invited him to write an article about his work and published it in a journal I was editing (Persinger, 1975). Persinger told me that the geomagnetic field has several components. The main component is created by the Earth itself, as if a huge bar magnet were running through the core of the Earth. Regular daffy and monthly variations occurs. These variations are due to several factors. Weather affects the daily or diurnal variations. Lunar changes affect the monthly variations. Major variations occur due to sunspot activity, as well. Changes in the geomagnetic field can be sudden and unpredictable. The best known example of charged particles from the sun interacting with the Earth's magnetic field is the aurora borealis, often called the "Northern Lights" (Tart, 1988).

Persinger conducted an analysis of spontaneous cases of telepathy and clairvoyance. He found that these noted experiences were more likely to occur when the global geomagnetic activity was significantly quieter than the days before or the days after the experience. A day of low amplitude with slow, predictable variations is referred to as a quiet magnetic day. These were the days that were associated with reports of telepathy and clairvoyance (Persinger, 1985). About the same time, Marcia Adams (1986) studied the relationship between quiet magnetic days with success in remote viewing experiments, finding a positive connection.

A day of sudden and large amplitude changes is referred to as a magnetically stormy day. Persinger reported a tendency for reports of poltergeist and haunting experiences to occur on these days (Persinger, 1989). Psychokinesis, anomalous effects on distant objects or activity, has been studied in the laboratory under "psi task" conditions. An analysis of some of these experiments have indicated a tendency for them to occur most frequently on magnetically stormy days (Braud & Dennis, 1989).

Possible Geomagnetic Field Effects in Psi Phenomena

Demystifying the Paranormal: Dr. Barry Taff Unravels the ˜Poltergeist Mystery - Reality Sandwich

Though survival-after-death is yet to be proved or disproved, a compelling theory surfaced for Dr. Taff after thousands of investigations and decades of collected data. According to him, what we imagine as ‘ghosts’ is actually stemming from very real, and very alive people. Taff refers to these people as Poltergeist Agents, who unknowingly act as ‘biological waveguides’ when they enter a specific environment. I know, stay with me.

Essentially, Taff lists three variables that act together in concert to produce the physical manifestations of a good old-fashioned haunting: 1) The haunted site is located in an electromagnetically (EMF) anomalous environment 2) The poltergeist agent is usually prone to seizures or epileptic, and their biomagnetic field emits well over one million times the amplitude compared to the average person and 3) The poltergeist agent is neurologically wired in a way, usually an inability to cope with stress, that enables their nervous system to hyper-react to said environment and wreak paranormal havoc.

Canneto di Caronia - The Italian Town Plagued by Inexplicable Fires | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

For 10 years, the residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia have been utterly spooked by hundreds of mysterious, unexplained fires that seem to erupt out of nowhere. The bizarre phenomenon, which has seen a sudden surge this year, includes spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, and devices like fridges and mobile phones, even when switched off.

The episodes have attracted the attention of geologists, physicists and volcanologists for several years, but no one has been able to provide an accurate scientific explanation so far. Naturally, the villagers are blaming supernatural entities like UFOs, poltergeists, or other demonic forces. And with no other logical reason in sight, one tends to wonder if they actually might be right.
on a side note : village of Canneto di Caronia would be perfect for a Tesla Tower

.... Dynamic Africana

How Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain

In mathematical terms, said Petri, normal brains have a well-ordered correlation state. There’s not much cross-linking between networks. That changes after the psilocybin dose. Suddenly the networks are cross-linking like crazy, but not in random ways. New types of order emerge.

“We can speculate on the implications of such an organization,” wrote the researchers, who were led by neurobiologist Paul Expert of King’s College London. “One possible by-product of this greater communication across the whole brain is the phenomenon of synaesthesia”—the experience, common during psychedelic experiences, of sensory mix-up: tasting colors, feeling sounds, seeing smells, and so on.

Word "sekhem": power

The Egyptian language word S-kh-m is the word for power. A procession of a woman with a boquet of flowers, followed by a harpist, from Medamud illustrates the use of the word: "...(from) the gods, Power (of the) Harp-Music...."
... ye ye de smell

A representation of that is seen in the image above. Each circle depicts relationships between networks—the dots and colors correspond not to brain regions, but to especially connection-rich networks—with normal-state brains at left, and psilocybin-influenced brains at right.


“The big question in neuroscience is where consciousness comes from,” Petri said. For now, he said, “We don’t know.”
..... "Pow"

provision is made for enveloping the patient in a high potential and, in certain instances, a high frequency electric field, and for applying to the patient, while so enveloped in the electric field, radiations and emanations having therapeutic value.

... Same ol'

Thomas H. Moray: Transmutation of Low Grade Ores by High Energy Bombardment


According to Dr Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule (also now a feature length movie), Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter similar in structure to serotonin. He theorizes that it is created in trace amounts by the pineal gland during normal metabolism, and may be released in massive amounts during birth, death, hallucinations and dreams.

"Shu ph" also : Women have orgasms while giving birth
Sun may determine lifespan at birth, study finds

In an unusual study published Wednesday, Norwegian scientists said people born during periods of solar calm may live longer, as much as five years on average, than those who enter the world when the Sun is feisty.

The team, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, based their study on demographic data from church records of some 8,600 individuals from two different mid-Norwegian populations, one poor and one wealthy.
"shu ph" also : Radionics - Science of The Future

... Beasts of No Nation

image : Swinging on Spirals

... Golden Ratio offers unity of science
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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