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I might as well add that a friend of mine, an electrician, had the good fortune of personally knowing a coworker who demonstrated a successful replication of this type of device several years ago no larger than a spiral bound notebook for two of its dimensions which ran a medium sized electric motor. It was taken away and the demonstration was abruptly terminated when the inventor started having misgivings for exhibiting his device and it was never discussed nor demonstrated ever again except at a dinner in which my friend hosted this inventor. At this dinner, the inventor shared only one fact of his device, that it was made of the three metals: copper, aluminum and iron. So, I can claim knowing twice removed of the validity of Mr. Lyne's story in addition to the story - quoted in Pentagon Aliens - of a Mr. Dort who was the son of a man who worked with Tesla sharing this knowledge with the Nazis for their electro-U boats.

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