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size of coil

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Here is a diagram of the recommended experiment that should be done
first. I think the 3GT (the 3 references the 3 coils) - I think Tony Craddock
came up with that name.

Anyway, with 1 coil perhaps it is a 1GT and S1GT is simplified. Not
simplified in the same way as the SSG but simplified in the way of
not dealing with the regauging motor yet.

@All, it is obvious I don't put food on the table by using graphics
programs so anyone that wants to put this into a single nice drawing
full with 16 magnets on the wheel, etc... go for it! In any case, I think
it is clear enough what the first experiments should be.

Of course the trigger winding that is partially visible on that coil is not
needed - so pretend you don't see that.

@John - if anything needs to be changed for the proposed first
experiment that you already mentioned days ago, let me know.
And if the S1GT nickname makes sense.

what is the size of coil how many turns and what wire
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