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Bubbles and stagnation caused by too much dbt

The oil crisis has caused a financial crisis. The speed of collapse is picking up. I'll try to add articles that explain the reality of our situation.
"THE Crisis concerns the biggest bubble in financial history: the epic Bond bubble… which as it stands is north of $100 trillion… although if you include the derivatives that trade based on bonds it’s more like $500 TRILLION."

This is a long, comprehensive article that covers many subjects.
"Walter Bagehot the founder of the Economist magazine and big thinker on central bank policy said a central bank should only give credit to institutions, which are solvent against first class collateral and at punishing interest rates. Today central banks give money to institutions, which are not solvent, against doubtful collateral for zero interest. This is not capitalism."

This is a repost of an excellent article on secular stagnation;
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