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Just to add some explications:

the biggest idea behind the resonance energy device is to relate both magnetism and electricity in just one oscillating device...

the area where spin separation take action is the point X in an oscillating E-TBC, it's similar as the Bloch wall in a permanent magnet, as Don Smith refer to this in one of his video when he said : THE MORE YOU FLIP ELECTRONS BACK AND FORTH THE MORE ENERGY YOU HAVE...

the problem in ordinary coils and capacitors occur where Bloch wall area can't be formed correctly since the magnetism (coil) and electricity (capacitor) are separated,

the formation of Bloch wall area in permanent magnet exist in the middle, North pole provide CCW rotation while south Pole provide CW.

in an oscillating E-TBC, the spark-gap is the Bloch wall area because it provide spin separation mechanism.
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