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Hi Lotec

Thank you for pointing me to Tesla Patent 787 412, Mr Tesla is the master of imagination.

to transfer energy from the primary to the secondary we could use either induction transfer based on magnetic field, this method is used in ordinary transformer, here if you want to amplify the current you must lower the voltage depending on the already available active power, mutual inductance have to be higher ( magnetic core prove this), taking more current from the secondary will affect the input...

Tesla propose using speed lower than 20KHZ when he said : To give an idea, I would say that the frequency should be smaller than twenty thousand per second, though shorter waves might be practicable.

But shorter wave will work too, in the resonance energy device we use more than 20KHZ which put us in the range of RADIO FREQUENCY SPEED, in my opinion Tesla used only cold radiant electricity, but using the E-TBC will produce both, to benefit from this special device we have to use even more shorter wave say 20MHZ for example which produce a quarter wave length of 3.75M , so we could produce electricity locally rather than produce it remotely as Nikola Tesla did...

another way to transfer the power from the primary to the secondary is to use electromagnetic induction resonance transfer, Tesla refer this when he said : so as to permit free oscillation —that is to say, their mutual induction should be small. The spiral form of coil C secures this advantage,

Tesla was focusing in radiant electricity which is perfect for wireless electrical energy transfer due to its ability to produce voltage remotely-- see Fig19-b in page 15 in my document, in this phase the voltage will end in the position of spark gap exactly and providing 0V, rather than saying the voltage increase and cold electricity start from the spark-gap in my opinion it's better to say the voltage will start to decrease far away from the spark-gap! opposite to current which will start locally Fig19-a, here the earth will provide the best transport medium, Tesla point out this when he said : the effect will increase with the distance and will be greatest in a region diametrically opposite the transmitter. With oscillations still slower the earth, strictly speaking, will not resonate, but simply act as a capacity, and the variation of potential will be more or less uniform over its entire surface.

if you already built an E-TBC you will see this coil is able to be fed from C,D for example and oscillate perfectly even A,B are out of the circuit !! because CD is the capacitor it will be just charged and when the voltage reach the break down value the E-TBC will oscillate...

you could even speed up or slow down the charging process by the charging it from AD or CB... ( this is another story )

THE CAPACITOR IN THE E-TBC is a reference to something exist BUT CAN'T BE SEEING, this is why we call it one dimensional capacitor that will open the correct door for negative electricity to enter into our device using the flexible spark-gap zone, the word flexible here mean it's able to let the exchange to be done between negative and positive energy seas without problems, in other words it will let the space to be wrapped from + energy toward - energy and vice versa ....

in radiant electricity the effect will increase with the distance and will be greatest in a region diametrically opposite the transmitter, but to produce the effect of magnification locally we have to find for the missed piece...

The E-TBC is a multidimensional device, it's able to draw both +electricity and -electricity, the rotational energetic symmetry between +energy( repulsive forces) and -energy (attractive forces) make it practically possible to draw enormous amount of electric energy, this device is able to set up it's self resonance naturally providing amplified electromagnetic flux ready to be taken with the correct pickup techniques, here we have to use electromagnetic induction resonance transfer,

in my opinion the E-TBC have to work alone because it work in a special dimensions as discussed, using 1/4 wave or 3/4 wave etc.... will just make the current and voltage ordered, when the device oscillate it will pump the power from both energetic oceans, this operation relate them as to close the loop in each dimension according to the flowing of energy... this is what we call it ambient background energy... the idea here is construction destruction ...

using stationary waves make it possible to locate construction point and separate it from destruction point... take another look at future/past light cone concept in my document you will see when the current increase in the future light cone the voltage increase in the past light cone but in a reverse direction which result a negative impulsion reverse the gained positive current and cancel it !!

since -electricity has the same frequency as + electricity and if we use standing waves we will separate the area when building take place ( antinode ) from the area when waves cancel out each other ( node ) when this achieved the current and voltage will be ordered !!

Good night .
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