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A much simplified version... more compact and probably easier to build.

This version has two water tanks, thus it should double gas production over the previous version. There are no potential flux leak paths on this version.

You'll note the light gray wrapped around the magnets... that's the flux 'short circuit' much like in the previous version, but with a twist. When the coils are energized, it magnetizes that flux 'short circuit', thereby allowing the permanent magnet's flux to flow out to the flux path, and thus to the water tanks.

All three Pulse Coils would be energized and deenergized at the same time.

So this version is using aspects of the Joe Flynn Parallel Path technology, as well as the Jack Hildenbrand flux shunt technology. The previous one did, as well, but the flux shunt wasn't integral to the magnet assembly.

As in the prior version, the Biasing Coils would generate a voltage from the building and collapsing magnetic field. That voltage would go through a voltage multiplier and full-wave rectifier, then be applied to the Biasing Plates in the water tanks. They'd pulse their DC to the Biasing Plates at twice the frequency of the Pulse Coils, but that'd still be a resonant frequency of the short O-H bond.

The advantages of this version:
1) When it's off, there should be no external magnetic flux, since it's all going through the wrapped shunts

2) It'd take very little energy to magnetize the flux shunts and thereby put magnetic flux onto the flux paths. This is sort of the Cascaded Flux Steering idea that I'd discussed previously.

3) Two water tanks means double gas production

4) You can add as many magnet/shunt/coil assemblies as your flux path can handle.

See the attached .PNG and .PDF files.
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