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Hi Med

I think my last couple of posts may have been a bit irrelavent and youve got more gear than I first thought.

Id be curious to see how the EBTC would go used with a primary and identicle twin resonator coils. The resonator coils attached with one wire to the ETBC. One attached at point A and the other at point B. Using the spark gap between C and D to tune the frequqncy. Using the primary to induct power into it and pickup coils in proximaty to the resonators,

Oops I akmost forgot to post this. Reading often makes me very drowsy at the best of times but when I read this I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasnt dreaming. heres a couple of snippetts from,

Tesla Patent 787 412 The art of transmitting electrical energy through natural mediums,

"In order to magnify the electrical movement in the secondary as much as possible, it is essential that the inductive connection with the primary A, should not be very intimate, as in ordinary transformers, but loose so as to permit free oscillations - that is to say, their mutual induction should be small. The spiral form of coil C secures this advantage, whlie the turns near primary A are subject to strong inductive action, and develope high initial electromotive force."

" ... produce in this manner movements thousands of times greater than the initial - that is the one impressed upon the secondary by primary A".
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