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Thanks to All

using an extended Tesla Bi-filar coil will produce both hot ordinary electricity plus cold radiant electricity, the way an E-TBC oscillate make it able to produce both Cold and hot electricity perfectly without cancellation effects!

using an ordinary methods to collect the available power will not work good because in a positive regime time Cold energy will cancel Hot energy, the obtained power will remain too low to produce an OU device... in other words an E-TBC will produce hot electricity with the same speed it produce radiant electricity, a special care must be taken to collect the available energy. reviewing my document about the resonance energy device we have

For the first time period, we have (C discharging across L) + energy increase magnetic energy ---- I - energy increase electric energy ---- V
For the second time period we have (L charging C) + energy increase electric energy ---- V - energy increase magnetic energy ---- I

to simplify the things let take the first sight when the capacitor discharge across itself to be a full parallel L/C circuit, at this moment and before the current start increasing, negative energy will push the current to go back against the voltage in action at a distance (because it will start from X point ) similar to what happen when the current flow in ordinary hot electricity it produce magnetic field but in this case the current in cold electricity will increase the voltage statically! when the turn come to hot electricity to play negative energy will cease .... please read page 15 in to understand the things clearly, the construction method used in hot ordinary electricity can't suit cold radiant electricity....!! please see page 9 in the above document when i explained how an E-TBC work in both positive energy ( future light cone ) and negative energy ( past light cone), in the wrapped negative energy space the current start from B to A which oppose the flow of current in hot electricity, this current charge the coil electrically like it act as a capacitor... take into account the positions of coil and capacitor in an oscillating E-TBC, the destruction method used in hot electricity is constructive in cold electricity, we need this information to understand the cancellation effects that appear when we use ordinary methods to collect the available energy, Before an E-TBC discharge (this is destruction effect) across itself from A to B, Cold electricity will act in a reverse manner providing a virtual current which charge the coil from B to A (this is construction effect). in the second sight when the collapsing magnetic field charge the capacitor from C to D, just before this operation, the voltage in the virtual E-TBC take its maximum value from D to C (in our positive energy future light cone we have a maximum magnetic field at this moment), when the voltage decrease in the virtual E-TBC ( this is destruction effect - after that the magnetic field will collapse) the wrapped space in the positive energy future light cone see this as a short-circuit and provide a maximum current (this is construction effect), this is why this energy will charge the capacitor magnetically if it act as a coil !!

the design of our ordinary coils and capacitors will not provide the best timing for this kind of energy to be perfectly stored and then used, why ? cold electricity is a reverse kind of hot electricity... when we charge an electrolyte capacitor using the hot electricity taken from L2 coil (construction), cold electricity pass a current in a reverse manner to our ordinary hot electricity ( destruction )... similar to back EMF when a coil reverse its polarity. using standing waves is a clever idea to separate destruction area (Node) apart from construction area (Antinode) using a quarter wave length, using this technique will force L2 coil to take the power from an E-TBC perfectly please see the attached drawing. in my opinion this is a physical separation where we could provide the best place for cold electricity to destruct its reflected wave rather than destructing the constructive waves.... in the construction area ( Antinode) even if the moving real wave move in the positive direction (increasing) and the reflected wave move backward ( decreasing ) , the antinode is a construction area all the time ... this idea isn't complete in my mind but i think this is how to collect the huge available electric energy using our E-TBC

Good night.
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