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Hi Joit,
Why don't you calm down, there is really no reason to overreact.
I mention Bedini, the Corum bros, Meyl and Dollard, because they all have their interpretation of Tesla's work. And in fact so have I.
But I do not say "forget about Tesla and study my work", as I once read from Eric Dollard.
Bedini writes a lot about Tesla, but it is for the larger part his interpretation and some things I read on his site are definitely not true.
So what I am saying is: "Read Tesla's own words and form your own opinion".
I do not call Bedini a fraud, I do not know if he is, and I do not care. But I am sure Bedini is not Tesla. Is that insulting him? Or is that insulting to Dollard?
If it is, they are really sad cases!

And what nonsense is that, if I do not like Bedini (or should I say worship?) then I should not be in this place? Come on now!

My "arrogant statement" as you call it, comes from the fact that the referred movie fragment is about a rotating magnetic field and the invention of the induction motor, while the question is "what is AC" and how does it refer to the movement of the Sun.
The answer then is, it does not, but the rotating magnetic field does. And then ldrancer add things like "it is the only thing we learned from Tesla" and "or did someone learn more?" You see, there is confusion all over this question.

The question, in my humble (but arrogant ) opinion is "what is the difference between AC and DC".
The response "Better than AC is Pulsed DC" followed by a reference to a load of unproven crap/and a distorted view on history, is not an answer.
Neither is "radiant electricity is electrostatic electricity" or "plastic exterior chairs get charged by the sun".
And neither does your answer contribute anything at all.

I like to think that my answer does...

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