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Economic collapse to avoid war

The PTB in the West have done their best to push gold out of Western consciousness. The rest of the world wants no part of funny paper. The Western bullion banks admitted that they sell the same ounce of gold to 100 people. The FED, et al have severely manipulated the paper P.O.G. to hold it down.
" 80 tons is equal to two weeks worth of global gold production ...sold in just 15 minutes! This is nearly 2.8 million ounces. The interesting thing is that COMEX only claims to have 865,000 ounces of gold available for delivery so more than 3 times the amount of ounces were sold in 15 minutes than is even claimed as available for delivery! "
" This has changed, just over the last 4-6 weeks, the open interest has steadily built in gold ...while continuous pressure still on the price. Before going any further, I have never seen the open interest rise to multiyear highs while the price was pushed to multi year lows in ANY commodity."

" As of this past Friday, 61,763 silver contracts are still open, this represents 308 million ounces of silver. The COMEX claims a registered (deliverable) inventory of just under 65 million ounces. With only four days left there are roughly 5 silver ounces contracted for every one ounce available!

The situation in gold has quietly become much worse than silver, there were 162,509 Dec. gold contracts open which represent over 16 million ounces of gold. The "registered" (deliverable) category at the COMEX inventory shows only 868,910 available to deliver! Do you see the problem here? There are only 4 days left until this contract goes into the delivery process, yet there are 20 ounces contracted for each ounce available!"
"Yes I understand, there are still four days left for the open interest to bleed down and roll out to the next contract month but we now stand in totally uncharted territory. Never in the past has this much open interest been still outstanding with deliverable inventory as low as it is. It is also astounding that total open interest could have risen to these levels while the price dropped. "
"Much of this gold "was once" Western gold. They have legally purchased it and in many cases sent our own dollars back to us as payment. Now, we will sit with lots and lots of dollars while they have lots and lots of gold. I believe they have now cornered both COMEX gold and silver if they choose to stand for delivery."

" In essence, if I am correct and we do see failure to deliver and a COMEX default ...the world may be a safer place! This past week for example, president Obama secretly extended our stay in Afghanistan, how will this operation be funded by a bankrupt Treasury and a central bank that issues unwanted currency? The Chinese/Russians in my opinion may be on the verge of winning a war without ever firing a shot and playing the game by our own rules! "
Is COMEX being cornered? | Gold Eagle
The important take-away here is that we are moving ever-closer to war with Ukraine and proxy war with Russia. China is farther down the list for upcoming wars. If China were to announce that they were going to double the price of gold, America would be forced to show it's stash of physical gold.
China has held huge amounts of open interest in the precious metals market for a long time. They continue to roll it over. Should they announce that they are going to stand for delivery, the COMEX will instantly default.
The Chinese can blow up COMEX at any time they want. The resulting default would blow up the LBMA, most likely. The sons of Sun Tzu can blow up the American economy any time that they want. There is a good possibility that they have accumulated 16,000 tons of gold.
So, while they have printed far more than the FED, they can probably circulate enough gold for the Yuan to survive the U.S. dollar.

Sun Tzu: "the best general is the general who wins the war without firing a shot". The idiots in the feral district of corruption have a plan for a new American century. The plan is comprised of pure desires without any viable strategies. They have proved this well.
There is a "window of legitimacy" connected to their machinations. They sunk the battleship Maine in Havana harbor and weren't discovered for a long time. Pearl harbor got us into the war before it was proved to be a set-up. Gulf of Tonkin took a shorter time. 9/11,, shorter yet. Weapons of mass destruction, shorter. The latest boondoggles seem to get blown out of the water in about 48 hours.
If China blows up the American economy to avoid WW III, the master manipulators will have a hard time trying to come up with a convincing lie to start a war. They have, after all, played by the rules.

I'd much rather see America driven down into the dirt that to see Russia set off their doomsday bomb.
Soviet Doomsday Device Still Armed and Ready | WIRED
The details; The Never-Tested Doomsday Bomb
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