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Hi med.3012
When it comes to wave theory I really dont have any answers only questions. Ive read also a few times that 1/4 wave coils dont make good Hertzian transmitters

. My main focus has been like Bob Smith said to attempt to establish a 1/4 wave resonance and extract energy out of it.

I really liked this thread Joulethief SEC exciter and variants. Contained within are some very interesting experiments based on Dr Stifflers work performed by a group of very talented experimenters. Perhaps in there you can find the tools that you can use to cheaply set up experiments of your choice while seeing some interesting stuff along the way. Youve got interesting ideas Id be curious to see how they play out.

A couple of circuits that Im interested in right now while waiting for parts to build a faster pulse generator are Lid motors tunable jule theif and Lid motors tunable version of Slayers exciter but there are other great ones too. Horses for courses.
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