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difference between ac and dc

so the other guy made dc. tesla made ac.

can someone, compare for me the difference speaking in terms of these. how tesla invented it. and the difference using the same principle to dc.

and the thing im talking about is i watched a movie, it was about tesla, and he was walking down the road, then noticed, teh sun or something and he thought up ac. and dc. was different. but could someone give me their interpretation, to make it easier understandable.

and if you dont know what movie or thing im refrenceing. i can try to clear it up more.

im trying to learn cause its the only thing we learned from tesla. i want to understand it. if someone has learned other stuff, actual tesla inventions, itd be great if you would list them here, too. to learn how tesla was inventing.

and my gist, say tesla was the inventor of dc. .. thats what im getting at, what would he of said, and as compoared to ac. whats the difference? it doesnt matter, one is more advanced than the other, ac>dc but, what advancedments where made is what im trying to get at.

the movie that expalined teslas ac, showed how it related to nature.

ill find that video if anyone..

ok found it. i dont understand dc. and id like someones own interpretation of this. dc and ac as compared in this terms.
heres the video. NIKOLA TESLA 1980 Movie - YouTube starting around 22:03
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