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I might be wrong, but will offer my understanding of the role of the standing wave, for what it's worth. I thought the standing wave enabled excess electrical charge to be taken off a resonant coil without disturbing the coil's resonating action, provided it is done with the right kind of pickup coil. If I understand it correctly, the series-wound bifilar coil will not produce secondary reflection in a primary. In this way, the primary is unaffected, and can continue to resonate. From what I have read from other builders, a shorted series wound bifilar coil will enable the excess energy of the standing wave to be drawn off without disturbing the primary's resonance. I have also read one builder stating that as he added further swbifi coils, he was able to draw off more energy from the resonating primary. Whether the energy comes from reactive power or perhaps from the dielectric medium, I don't know.
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