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i was confused in my last post

I have a new idea consist of working with higher frequency to achieve standing wave, i think this is the best way to avoid problems in the pick-up coils, using the natural resonance frequency in L2 coils will solve our problems to collect the available power using an E-TBC

standing wave created when the reflected wave meet the original wave in exactly a division or multiplication of the wave length of the working frequency... with this the created standing wave will have a fixed position along the L2 coil regardless of the presence of High capacitance electrolyte capacitors ( very low impedance in high frequency which cause the die out of reactive energy which in turn isn't able to do real work )

An E-TBC work according to the same concept NATURAL RESONANCE because the capacitor is involved inside the coil in a unified state, i suppose the reflected waves in a self resonating coil see the coil ends as a capacitor plates!

File:Standing wave 2.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the work of a standing waves is reversed compared to an E-TBC, in our E-TBC the capacitor exist in one point but in a self-resonating coil the capacitor exist in the edges... in other words this look like the past light cone of an operating E-TBC but in repulsion force manner which increase positive energy, the voltage and current both has the same frequency and bouncing in the same wire, because of that, the resulting standing waves will occupy the same positions, this of course will correct the phase between current and voltage since the standing waves is related directly to wire length!

an extended Tesla bi-filar coil is a real electric energy inflated, the amplified electric power is the result of the connection between magnetic field and electric field inside an E-TBC, the induced electric field is the key point for the increased current and voltage when the device oscillate, the output will be in VAR ( VOLT AMPERE REACTIVE ), the reactive power is very important since with it we could achieve super conductivity in room temperature easily.

due the my equipement limitation i can't verify the frequency of operation of such device, if it's twice compared to a normal parallel L/C combination or not ?!

i did some reverse engineering calculations and i found the best practical frequency to work with should be around 20MHZ, this will give a quarter wave length of 3.75M, I attached a photos of the specification of L2 coil such as the wire tubing diameter etc....
working with two coils wound CW + CCW is better, when the phase between current and voltage is correct, collecting the available energy will be easy.

the E-TBC should have a very few turn, one turn is good and a capacitance of around 1 nano farad, i welcome anyone could help us with experiments and result, so we could go further more with this project ...
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