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Originally Posted by plasmahunt3r View Post
The closest thing to anto gravity is an Asymmetrical Capacitor. This is probably close to what Tesla was experimenting with because it requires a High Voltage Tesla Coil rectified to DC.

Follow the following site and look at the saucers and the circuits: Advanced Propulsion Home Page - JLN Labs

The site tells how to build the 30KV power supply.
Hello, plasmahunt3r, you are correct that asymmetrical capacitors are viable propulsion systems. However, they have nothing to do with gravity, but the attraction charged particles have toward each other. This is a "pull" system that is really practical when the inertia of a mass has been reduced otherwise you will need a hell of a lot of high voltages and high k dielectric material. Asymmetrical shapes are useful because they can displace environmental forces leading to higher efficiencies and velocities. Honestly, asymmetrical capacitors are not the best or "closest thing to antigravity" as I am personally aware of more advanced systems than that.
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