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antigravity explanation

Originally Posted by ClaxClinton View Post

Is there any simple experiment that can reproduce anything similar to the anti-gravity, vibration of there (call it what you want)? A patent, possible to build machine, anything?

Lets for a moment pretend that all the Nazi/Tesla/Otis Carr UFO stuff never happened.

What is left of actual repeatable physical proof? (Also not counting pure magnet and standing waves)
Hello Clax, I am an antigravity experimenter. Let's make one thing clear, antigravity is not a correct word or accurate. Let's use the words electromagnetic propulsion. The goal is to use the pressure of the environment (open system). The electrical or mechanical energy pumped into a device is merely used to repel the Earth. They don't actually do any work. In that sense "antigravity" would eliminate those pressures needed to attain huge velocities. If you really want to know how to do this, the Lorentz force is real and practical look up propulsion device using Lorentz force patent, opposing magnetic or electric fields will fall slower in vacuums (Boyd Bushman experiment), air pressure focused on underside of a hull with ionized air on top will do the trick, negative electric charges will repel earth (Searl disc, Otis Carr craft, one terminal capacitor (joseph Hiddick)
Reactionless propulsion is not complicated, the more knowledge you have about the environment, the more efficient these systems will be and you may even be able to reduce inertial effects. Forget about antigravity, which is a fictional concept used to hide the truth of electrogravitic or electromagnetic, electrokinetic propulsion. Reply to this if you are serious about experimenting and I will show you how to make some great discoveries.

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