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Pseudo looping the Bedini SG circuit


Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
AND the front battery doesn't even see that cap!
You have to accomplish that.

If you don't, you'll be "ghosting" the output.

The output can see the battery/front of circuit, but you cannot let the input battery see the output.

How can one see the other?

It can be done with diodes.

I coined the term "pseudo looping" for this because it loops the back to the front, but it is not really looping because it stays an open system.

The circuit will then use what comes from the output cap as the preferential input source and will only take from the battery what it needs to make up for the rest.

Some stooges like Milehigh claim there is only a 30% recovery because he's stuck using meters to predict what winds up in the output battery.

If we can take the output and not charge a battery but put it in a cap and send it back to the front and cut our input by 50%, we pretty much recovered 50% of what is normally needed. That is 1.65 times more recovery than what the cynics claim is happening and 50% is not even an optimum example.

It also directly shows that we can produce the same mechanical work by using only 1/2 of what is normally leaving the battery.

If we took that same recovery and charged a battery, we wind up with 90%+ of what left the input because extra charge happens in the battery that did not leave the circuit. That is why a meter can't tell you what will be put into a battery.

I searched and couldn't find it in this forum, I think I deleted it because only one person showed interest in it.

I found Bruce TPU posted it in overunity...


Please see the Pseudo closed loop circuit that Aaron posted at Energetic forum for those with working Lasersaber type coils to experiment with!
Aaron wrote the following:

"Both windings wound in same direction. North at (top - left in pic) of coil
when plus is at same side when switch closes. Can everyone see what is
happening here? It can decrease front side battery draw by 50% easily."

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How is the output winding wired?
Aaron Murakami

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