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Using a quarter wave length build a standing wave where the ends of wire act like a capacitor plates... instead of using a Tank resonance receiver we use standing wave receivers the same way as antennas dipole...

in the resonance energy device we use electrolyte capacitors to store electric energy but how the resonance is maintained when we store this electric power using electrolyte capacitors banks ( very low impedance in higher frequency) ?

using an E-TBC will amplify both the voltage and the current which give a squared electromagnetic flux, the the principle behind this device is to unify the magnetism and electricity, Maxwell solved most electromagnetism problems except one ! ( this is what Donald Smith said in one of his video)

the puzzle I'm talking about is the misunderstood concept of displacement current! the displacement current appear when we separate magnetism and electricity, we fill the gap by introducing something isn't real!! the displacement current does not exist

now when using an extended Tesla Bi-filar coil the obtained power in L2 coil is an amplified reactive power, maybe Don used a special capacitors banks has a large capacitance with high inductance as well

in my point of view the capacitor is the device that a few people understand how it work! Don is one of them.

in my experiment when i feed the E-TBC from A-D the charging process speed up, i think that the capacitor tend to charge itself acting like a coil!! a proactive magnetic field will be built and this one will make another induced rotating electric field that able to charge the capacitor very quickly, maybe Don built a special capacitors when its real capacitance with microfarad but when measured it appear like nano farad for example !!!
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