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3 Strokes

Don Smith drooled as he gave his talk. The man had just had 3 strokes. Don said many business deals were preventing him from giving more elaborate device descriptions as to just how advanced these Tesla based systems have become, so he wanted to give just a simple demo to get the idea across.

The biggest thing he said that hit home with me was that people who had TESLA COILS could make as many more as they wanted to but use the additional units to collect the energy coming from the transmitter.

Or for as many more Tesla coils one could build to collect the same energy from the transmitter would give the operator that much more energy in multiples.

As he showed one of his many devices he explained that one of the coils was transmitting while the other 3 (in this case) were tuned especially to collect.

His little wooden board was just simple high voltage source with coils.

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