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Don Smith

Thanks for the lost Don Smith stuff. I am watching his energy generator/collection talk.


Originally Posted by med.3012 View Post
i opened this thread to discuss the resonance energy device, i am the writer of this presentation

it explain the resonance energy device, the device depend on an extended Tesla bi-filar coil where the capacitor is a part from the coil!

Back to 1894 and take a look at what Mr. Nikola Tesla said about his bi-filar coil:

My present invention has for its object to avoid the employment of
condensers which are expensive, cumbersome and difficult to maintain in
perfect condition, and to so construct the coils themselves as to accomplish
the same ultimate object.

for more information please read the full presentation, now the problem is the obtained electric power using the E-TBC is a pure reactive power

the pick up coils in the resonance energy device will correct the reactive power using a kind of serial/parallel resonance... this situation will provide the maximum current /voltage needed to charge the electrolyte capacitors banks...

Now the problem is that what is the best way to arrange the pick coils ?
the attached photo show how Don connect his diodes with the receiver/transfer coils.
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