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Originally Posted by wrtner View Post
This quotation is about pancake coils, isn't it? Pat 512340.
The Patent clearly states that the patent relates to coils of all types and even arrangements that are not classical "looking" coils.

I would here state that by the term coils I
desire to include generally helices, solenoids,
or, in fact, any conductor the different parts
of which by the requirements of its applica~
tion or use are brought into such relations
with each other- as to materially increase the
Patent US512340 - Nikola tesla - Google Patents

One of the advantages to this coil arrangement is that the current portion
of the L/C "activity", is displacement current due to not needing an external
capacitor to get the required capacitance for resonance at a particular frequency.

I arranged a HF setup with series connected bifilar wound coils but still used
external tuning capacitors to get the exact frequencies I wanted, however
by using series connected bifilar wound coils I was able to get a relatively low
frequency with very low resistance coils and was able to utilize only parallel
plate air variable capacitors for tuning.

From a 12 volt input 8 primary turns and 20 secondary turns I am able to
exceed 1600 volts peak to peak 565 volts RMS perfect sine wave on the
tanked secondary with a pulsed DC input of about 12 volts in a no load

Transformation ratio is only 1:2.5 but voltage rise is 1:133 using peak values
12 volts pulsed in and 1600 peak to peak on the tank (not output), that's
resonant rise. Without the resonant rise the setup would not be able to
achieve proper conduction in the fluro tube. Without resonant rise the
secondary voltage would be lucky to get to over 30 volts, Resonance is
useful like that.

I haven't finished with the experiments.

The setup will strike and light fluro's fairly well with proper conduction current.


Due to my limitations and that of my equipment no reliably accurate measurements have been made on this setup yet.


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